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Selling Skills

A plan that is effective in helping salespeople learn proven skills, apply them to their selling situations and measure their effectiveness.

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5 Critical Selling Skills - Selling Skills That Win Sales

You can't teach salespeople to improve 100 different things. Action Selling focuses on the selling skills that have the most impact on performance improvement. Your sales team will experience dramatic gains in sales productivity when these skills are mastered.

Buyer/Seller Relationship

82% Fail to differentiate themselves from competitors


Sales Call Planning

99% Do not set the right objectives for sales calls


Sales Questioning Skills

86% Ask the wrong question and miss opportunities


Sales Presentation Skills

95% Talk too much and listen too little

Gaining Commitment

62% Fail to earn the right to ask for commitment

Our research has identified three important facts about these Five Critical Sales Skills:

  1. Selling problems can be diagnosed and sales skill level can be measured with our Sales Skills Assessment.
  2. Skills can be learned with our Sales Training Programs.
  3. Sales can be accelerated at six times your current rate if your sales force completes Sales Certification.

These Five Critical Sales Skills can be acquired in our Action Selling Sales Training Program. Our Sales Training program can be customized to fit your business needs and works for all sales experience levels.


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