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Instructor Led Virtual Sales Training

Hone your selling skills and become Action Selling certified with our intuitive online sales training program. Our instructor-led courses couples the effectiveness of hands-on training with the convenience of virtual learning to get your sales team performing better than ever, sooner than ever.

Virtual Sales Training

Why Choose Virtual Sales Training

Virtual sales training courses are the ideal choice for many companies – especially distributed sales teams – thanks to the flexibility, trackability and cost-effectiveness they offer. A virtual option allows companies to connect remote teams to learn together cross-country, track their progress via an easy-to-access online system and do it all without having to worry about the cost of flying anyone in or out of the home office.

The Action Selling Approach

Our proprietary five step training approach helps sales teams develop the skills and strategies essential for triumph in modern competitive markets. Each step helps strengthens and reinforces the one before it:

1. Preparation: Analyze where your team’s currently at.

2. Workshop: Practice and application of critical selling skills.

3. Reinforcement: Processes to address diminishing effectiveness.

4. Assessment: Measurement to ensure effectiveness.

5. Certification: Add validity and trust to your achievements.

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Who benefits from virtual sales training courses?

Veteran Salespeople

Who want to make sure their skills are sharp

New Salespeople

That want to keep up with the latest techniques

Sales Managers

Who want to instill a sales process for their teams

Startups and Large Companies

Looking to kickstart exponential growth

Sales Teams

Who want to absolutely crush their targets

Action Selling® Graduates

Who want to refresh their education