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Selling Skills Assessment

What Is The Selling Skills Assessment?

Action Selling’s FREE Benchmark™ Selling Skills Assessment is a validated instrument used to measure knowledge and ability in the Selling Skills that have the most performance improvement potential. It will reveal your team’s selling strengths and find areas that need to be elevated. When complete, you will receive specific recommendations on how to increase your team’s selling skills. When these identified skills are better, the members of your selling team will move the sale forward more quickly and make more money.

Assess your Team's Sales Skills with our Free Assessment

What Is The Sales Skills Assessment?

Our completely free-to-use sales skills assessment is a validated instrument used to measure an individual’s knowledge and ability in selling skills with the most performance improvement potential:

  • Buyer/Seller Relationship
  • Sales Call Planning
  • Sales Questioning Skills
  • Sales Presentation Skills
  • Gaining Commitment

The assessment will reveal your team’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their sales skills. Maybe they talk too much or ask questions at the wrong time. Maybe they don’t know how to build initial trust that leads to later commitment. Maybe they have trouble differentiating themselves from their competitors.

Whatever the issues are — this assessment will explain where your team’s growth opportunities are. Once you’re aware, you can use our sales training programs to equip them with what they need to fill the gaps.