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CRM Adoption

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CRM Adoption

The Problem and How Action Selling can Help you Sell, Don’t Tell

It‘s easy for sales management to see the value of CRM. But, what’s in it for salespeople? When we see companies that are having issues with CRM adoption, the problem is always due to the fact that the sales force is not sold on the advantages of CRM for themselves. In the majority of cases, the sales force sees CRM as a way for management to eavesdrop on the sales force. And, what salesperson in their right mind really wants that?

With any effective sales process, even when selling things to salespeople, you have to first understand the needs of the person you are selling to, gain their agreement that these are critically important and then present solutions based on those important needs. With CRM adoption, the sales process needs to follow this same needs-satisfaction procedure.

Don’t “pitch” the advantages of CRM to salespeople. First learn what they want to be able to do better. Their needs might include many of the topics that you might “pitch.” But, when you take the time to see what they want to be able to do better before you launch the virtues of CRM, you’re selling, not telling.

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Fix Your Pipeline First

We have helped over 3500 clients either install or repair their sales pipeline. In every case, (3500 out of 3500) there was at least one major problem with how they designed their sales process. When you implement CRM, you absolutely need an accurate sales process that drives your pipeline. If you fail here, your sales force will not adopt.

The truth is that every deal that your sales force works on is a little different. AND, every company that we’ve ever talked with says “we’re different.” So, what’s the trick is to designing a sales process that perfectly fits your company AND one that everyone in your sales force will agree with? Let us help you.

We don’t really care which CRM you implement. We just want you to do it right. Action Selling will guide you through the process to develop a pipeline that’s perfect. And, high adoption will be your reward.