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The ACTIONSelling Leadership Process

How you lead your team matters. As Sales Leader you’re responsible for the sales culture in your company. If you have a great sales culture, you’re probably hitting your numbers and having fun doing it. Sales culture is a byproduct of how you lead your customer contact teams.

When Sales leadership is a process it ceases to be a problem. The research which forms ActionSelling Leadership identifies the key processes you need and sales and profit producing actions to take. Learn the top 10 ideas about sales leadership.

Want a Success Formula for Sales Management…Apply TQM principles to Sales Leadership. The ActionSelling Leadership Process is a set of linked actions that function as a self-improvement system. You’ll have a system for continuous improvement of the sales function in your company.

Action Selling Leadership Program Process

The 3 Leadership Roles are supported by the 9 Acts of Leadership. Each “act” is a process. Learn how dramatic improvements in each process will create a well-oiled sales machine that consistently produces revenue and great profit margins.

  1. Process-Based System: A Total Quality Management (TQM) program for Sales Leadership.
  2. 6 Critical Sales Leader Processes: Master these processes to crush your revenue and profit goals.
  3. Defines the 3 Core Roles of Sales Leadership: Focus on these and see immediate results happen.
  4. Healthy Sales Culture: Help salespeople with better management of results, behaviors and coaching.
  5. Complete Sales Leadership Guide: From hiring to goal setting and manage the entire sales process.

* Must be Action Selling Certified

Leadership Training

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