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Sales Leadership Training

Refresh your skills and build a positive, goal-oriented sales culture

Leadership Training

Better Support Your Team with Sales Leadership Training

No matter how much experience or existing skill a sales leader has — there’s always room for growth. There’s no easier way to grow — and show solidarity with your team — than by putting the same 110% in that they do.

With sales leadership training from Action Selling®, you’ll learn the latest, proven best practices as well as how to better plan and set sales goals, organize your hiring process and coach your team to success.

The Advantage of Sales Leadership Training

Our programs teach your team how and when to use the skills that have the greatest impact on gaining customer commitment. Through sustainable processes and long-term learning reinforcement, these skills are developed in a way that fosters retainment and consistent growth.

We offer on-site, two-day workshops tailored to your company’s unique needs and open two-day workshops available to individuals wanting to improve.
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On-site Workshops

Book a two day on-site workshop tailored to your company’s business and selling needs

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Open Workshops

Join other sales leaders for two days to kick-start the leadership and development of your sales culture.

What should I expect from an Action Selling sales leadership training workshop?

  • Our process-based system is a Total Quality Management (TQM) program for Sales Leadership.
  • The 6 critical sales leader processes will help your team to exceed revenue and profit goals.
  • Understanding and implementing the 3 core roles for sales leadership (planning, organizing and coaching).
  • Creating a healthy sales culture within your organization through better management of results, behavior and coaching.
  • Developing the expertise to create better processesfrom hiring to goal setting and managing the entire sales process.
*Must be Action Selling® Certified

Our Sales Leadership Training Takes you Further

Get certified in the Action Selling sales skills and see your performance grow 6x.