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Leadership Training

Refresh your Action Selling skills and build a positive sales culture

Leadership Training

The Action Selling Leadership Process

How you lead your team matters. As Sales Leader, you’re responsible for the sales culture in your company. If you have a great sales culture, you’re probably hitting your numbers and having fun doing it. Sales culture is a byproduct of how you lead your customer contact teams. When Sales leadership is a process it ceases to be a problem.

The research which forms Action Selling Leadership identifies the key processes you need and sales and profit producing actions to take.  The Action Selling Leadership Process is a set of linked actions that function as a self-improvement system. You’ll have a system for continuous improvement of the sales function in your company.

Leadership Workshops

Increase your sales performance growth by 6X when you certify on the skills of Action Selling in an Open Workshop. Action Selling is tailored for your selling situations using our unique “Open Architecture” materials as our Professional Facilitators (or yours) take you through the course. Open Workshops are held in Minneapolis, MN on at least a monthly basis.

Our workshops are great fits for sales leaders, Sales managers, and C-Level executives looking to plan, coach, and improve their sales culture.

Group 7251 - Leadership Training

On-site Workshops

Book a two day on-site workshop tailored to your company’s business and selling needs

Group 7373 - Leadership Training

Open Workshops

Join other sales leaders for two days to kick-start the leadership and development of your sales culture.

Must be Action Selling Certified*


PLAN: Learn a better way to set goals, the critical importance of including your priorities and how to build processes to manage the quality and quantity of sales activity.

ORGANIZE: Dramatically improve your hiring process and develop a culture based on the results and behaviors you want your team to achieve.

COACH: Sales Culture is how you think, talk and behave. Learn a coaching process that will create a coaching culture inside your sales organization.

The 3 Leadership Roles are supported by the 9 Acts of Leadership. Each “act” is a process. Learn how dramatic improvements in each process will create a well-oiled sales machine that consistently produces revenue and great profit margins.

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Sales Management Training

Action Selling’s Sales Management and Training Programs teach your sales force and sales managers how and when to use the Critical Selling Skills that have the greatest impact on gaining customer commitment. This is accomplished through our Action Selling Sales Skills Certification Program; a highly effective sales training and reinforcement program that dramatically improves sales behavior over time.

The Action Selling program teaches skills that differentiate your sales team. It provides a sustainable Sales Process that can be used for any selling situation in any industry. Action Selling provides long-term learning reinforcement that transfers newly learned skills into long-term, sustainable field success.

Group 7654 - Leadership Training

Sales Skills Certification

Learn about sustainable processes to sell in any situation.

Group 7543 - Leadership Training

Action Selling Rx

Diagnose and prescribe a permanent “cure” for the selling errors that all salespeople make.

Our Training Takes you Further

Increase your sales performance growth by 6X when you Certify on the skills of Action Selling in an Open Workshop.


Group 7704 - Leadership Training
Group 7709 - Leadership Training

Process-Based System

A Total Quality Management (TQM) program for Sales Leadership.

Group 7708 - Leadership Training

6 Critical Sales Leader Processes

Master these processes to crush your revenue and profit goals.

Group 7707 - Leadership Training

Defines the 3 Core Roles of Sales Leadership

Focus on these and see immediate results happen.

Group 7710 - Leadership Training

Healthy Sales Culture:

Help salespeople with better management of results, behaviors and coaching.

Group 7711 - Leadership Training

Complete Sales Leadership Guide

From hiring to goal setting and manage the entire sales process.

* Must be Action Selling Certified