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Sales Culture

An organization’s sales culture can make or break a team. Not only is it a team’s lynchpin — directing the team’s way of thinking and behaving — but organizations with a positive sales culture experience less than 14 percent job turnover, according to a Columbia University study. Conversely, organizations with a poor sales culture can struggle with an average of 48.4 percent employee turnover.

Whether your team is made up of high-potential individuals that have a hard time with alignment, you want to decrease employee turnover, or would like to improve employee engagement, Action Selling ® can help assess where your organization currently stands and what is possible to achieve, then provide sales culture training to reach that potential. Start with our free sales culture assessment to see how your organization compares to others.

The Advantage of a Healthy Sales Culture

A healthy sales culture begins from the top down with leadership communicating what results and behaviors are expected. These expectations are then reinforced through ongoing sales culture training.

With Action Selling ®’s coaching, you start with a free sales culture assessment to determine where your culture fits amongst others like your organization. You will then learn how to create a common sales culture language and processes that are used across the team in a way that will help them engage with customers in a conversation that enables them to identify the customer’s needs, recommend solutions, and gain commitment. When this communication process is consistently utilized, sales goals are achieved, customers become loyal clients, and unbeatable sales culture is developed.

You’ll learn to promote a positive sales culture that:

  • Encourages Positive Competition
  • Promotes Trust and Communication
  • Creates a High-Performing Team
  • Provides Continuous Learning
  • Offers Recognition to Team Members

How's Your Sales Culture?

Action Selling ® has a formula to take a positive approach to sales and drive results like never before.