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We can craft the tailored sales coaching solution you need


Customized Sales Training

Action Selling ® takes a unique approach to customizing every client engagement. Our sales training customization starts before the client decides to buy our sales training and continues throughout the sales training process.

Understanding your unique Business, Skill and Learning Objectives

As you are evaluating Action Selling ®’s ability to make dramatic improvements in your sales results, we are busy learning about your challenges and creating documentation of what you want and need to do. By understanding your business objectives, we can create a sales training curriculum that leads delivers a solution and measures ROI from sales training.

We will determine exactly which sales skills are keeping you from maximizing the achievement of your business objectives. Our initial proposal will document which sales skill objectives are required. Based on this, we’ll document learning objectives that deliver these sales skill improvements.

Free Coaching

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Sales Leader Interviews

Once we have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, we’ll dig deep into the current situation so we gain perspective on what’s causing the challenges.  At the same time, we gain a deep-level understanding of your culture, organization and audience.  These interviews are completed by the Action Selling ® personnel who will be responsible for assisting in the implementation of the sales training solution.

Our Unique Customizable Training Products

Action Selling ®’s sales training materials and eLearning solutions are designed with an exclusive open-architecture.  This proprietary sales training system allows you to insert your unique selling situations, products, customer settings and company capability while the training is being conducted.  Action Selling ® is completely customizable to any selling situation and can be applied to the various selling environments that your sales force might encounter.

Want to Add Even More Customization to Your Sales Training?

We will customize and even co-brand our training products with your company.  We have done this many times before: AGCO™ Action Selling ®, AFLAC® Action Selling ®, CARQUEST® Action Selling ® and many others.  These sales training solutions include customization of all materials, videos and eLearning.

Action Selling ® Sales Training is a Process not a Project

Action Selling ® sales training is not a mixture of modules from our library of training content.  It is a proven sales training process that instills permanent, repetitive actions that lead to sales success.  Much like ISO 9000 and Six Sigma, we have created a change management system that is proven to achieve permanent sales quality advances.  Our customization process makes the training relevant and immediately usable for your sales team.