How to Improve Selling Skills with This 9 Step Process®

How to Improve Your Selling Skills: Action Selling’s 9 Acts of Sales Process

Our 9 step sales process is a research-proven, non-manipulative way of handling sales that focuses on naturally following the decision-making process of the buyer. 

Using this process, your salespeople will learn how to improve their selling skills by knowing how to best address key buying decisions regarding trust, reputation, value and commitment.

A Selling Process That Works

Customers will find reasons not to buy when your sales call is out of sync with their buying decisions. To improve the success rate of your selling processes, you must sequence your presentation to follow the buyer’s decision-making process.

Our 9 step sales process helps your team do exactly that by breaking down a typical sales meeting into key components. Each of these parts — which we refer to as “Acts” — ties to a critical selling skill. By learning how these skills apply to individual parts of a sales meeting, your team will be able to more naturally move the selling process forward as each buying decision is made.

The 5 critical selling skills:

  1. Securing trust between the buyer and seller 
  2. Sales call planning 
  3. Asking the right questions at the right time 
  4. Sales presentation skills 
  5. Gaining commitment

What will you gain from this selling process?

By digging deep into how sales meetings move with the 9 step process and combining that knowledge with active development of the five most critical selling skills, your sales team will have a roadmap to:

  • Stay in sync with how customers make decisions
  • Use skills that maximize success potential
  • Move the sale forward
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Protect margins
  • Win more sales!



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