Action Selling Skills & Sales Process

The Action Selling Sales Process is a research-proven, non-manipulative procedure that helps salespeople move the sale forward – naturally, by following the decision-making process of the buyer. These decisions are made in the following order:

The Five Buying Decisions

The Five Buying Decisions
  1. Salesperson – Customers decide if they like and trust you.
  2. Company – What is your company’s reputation? Is your company a good match for them?
  3. Product – Is your product the right solution for their needs?
  4. Price – Is your solution competitively priced? Is it a good value?
  5. Time to Buy – Is now a good time for them to move forward with the purchase?

Customers will find reasons not to buy when your sales call is out of sync with their buying decisions. To increase your selling success, you must sequence your presentation to follow the buyers decision-making process.

The Nine Acts of a Sale

Action Selling divides a sale into nine key components we call “Acts”. With each Act, the salesperson uses a critical Selling Skill that enables them to move the sale forward naturally as each buying decision is being made.

The Action Selling Process - 9 acts of a sale

Benefits of Using The Process

The 9 Acts of the sale moving in progression with the Five Buying Decisions give salespeople a road map to follow helping them:

  • Stay in sync with how customers make decisions
  • Use skills that maximize success potential
  • Move the sale forward
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Protect margins
  • Win More Sales
Selling Toolbox

Give your salespeople a tool that keeps them in sync with how customers make purchasing decisions. With this selling process, they will have greater success in building rapport, value and trust.

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