How pros fight FUD.

Matt and Joe walked off the plane and into Concourse B at Denver International Airport. An arrivals-and-departures screen informed them that Joe’s connecting flight to Chicago would leave shortly from a gate just a few steps away.

FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

“Act 8 is a quick one,” Joe said. “Do you have a few minutes? Anyone picking you up?”

“No, I’m fine,” Matt said. “My car is in the parking ramp, so I don’t have to meet anybody. Let’s finish up here.” They grabbed two seats in the gate’s waiting area.

“Act 8 is called Confirm the Sale?” Matt asked. “What’s that about?”

“Suppose you succeed tomorrow with Gary Iverson,” Joe said. “He makes all five of his buying decisions in your favor, you gain his commitment, you make the sale. What feeling will start to creep over him as soon as you leave his office?”

Matt thought for a moment. “Buyer’s remorse,” he answered.

“Buyer’s remorse,” Joe confirmed, “otherwise known as fear, uncertainty, and doubt, or FUD. And you would like to eliminate those bad feelings, right? You’d much rather he feels good and confident about his decision to buy from you. You’d want him to be happy even if this were a one-time sale, but his confidence is especially important if you hope to develop a long-term relationship with him. Above all, you don’t want him to sit there regretting his decision until he calls you to cancel his order. Would you agree with all that…?”

Duane Sparks

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