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Need a proven plan for sales skill improvement? Want to learn how to apply better skills in the field?

Have you ever experienced a sales call where the salesperson was so sure that he knew what the customer wanted, he skipped the needs assessment and went straight to the presentation?

With Action Selling, your salespeople will learn the downfall of doing that. We won’t make that mistake when working with you either!

Yes, we have a tremendous amount of research, knowledge and experience. After all we started in the sales education business in 1990. And, we are one of the top 10 companies in our field. But, we won’t presume to understand what you need for sales force development.

While we diagnose your needs, we’d like to help you better understand your situation too. Register on the form to the right and we’ll contact you for a FREE sales force consultation.

Sales Books

Duane Sparks’ books on Selling are read cover-to-cover and over-and-over. They are not textbooks. They entertain while they educate. Action Selling books are short, enjoyable reads that give you great ideas and processes to improve your sales team. The story format of these books cover situations you’ll find all too familiar. Have some fun reading while you learn how to improve the critical selling skills of your sales team.

Sales Training Techniques

When selling becomes a process, fewer mistakes are made. Make your sales training follow a proven adult-learning process so everyone retains and applies the most important concepts that drives sales success.

Sales White Papers

These “How To” papers provide more than just discussions of sales training issues. They give you exactly what to do to solve sales training problems. Written by Duane Sparks, creator of Action Selling, you’ll get great advice and solid solutions on sales skill and sales training topics.

eCoach Sales Skills Newsletter

All great salespeople seek to learn more about their craft. You’ll gain access to sales coach, Duane Sparks, creator of Action Selling. Each month you’ll receive solutions to common selling problems. And, you’ll have access to ask questions and get great answers from the eCoach.

Selling Skills Assessment

Learn where your selling game is good and where it can be improved. Selling today requires you to avoid mistakes and continually improve. But, you don’t always know what needs to change. Take this validated skills assessment and you’ll know exactly what to work on.

Sales Videos

High-definition, professional, fun and full of great ideas. Action Selling videos entertain while they educate. Two moderators and 10 role-players actors in 54 vignettes to show “how to” and “how not to” makes sales calls that gain solid commitments from your customers.

FREE Sales Coaching

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