Effective Sales Training Techniques


It’s hard to be motivated when past sales training experiences produced no lasting effects on your team’s ability to win sales. And without motivation, there can be no learning at all. Rest assured, Action Selling is unlike any training technique or event you’ve experienced. It’s a proven selling process that shows you how and when to use key selling skills.

Technique: Assess your current selling skills. Action Selling provides a Free validated Benchmark Selling Skills Assessment that assesses your team’s ability to use the critical selling skills that have the greatest impact on sales performance. The Benchmark Assessment clearly and accurately points out selling strengths and skill areas that need improving. When complete you’ll receive detailed reports and recommendations on how to improve in each area. The report will help focus your sales training and provide a benchmark level to measure your path to your team’s success.


Develop your knowledge and use of the Critical Selling Skills that have the greatest impact on increasing your team’s sales performance.

Participate in our “Open” Sales Training Workshop or a customized workshop at your location. Learn how and when to use critical selling skills. Match your sales process to how customers make decisions. Master the Action Selling process and sell at a rate that is six times greater than a sales force without this training.


Without a system or mechanism that reinforces newly acquired skills, salespeople relapse into old, unproductive sales behavior.

Technique: Participate in follow-up reinforcement after training. Action Selling training provides your team with reinforcement tools. You’ll get skills reinforcement quizzes, videos and field-based exercises through the Action Selling LearningLink™, our online sales training portal. Give your sales team on-going skill practice, exercises, coaching, and accountability that will further equip your team to reach its full potential.


Studies of retention demonstrate the impact of training that lacks a systems approach to reinforcement and learning transfer. Without these elements, 87% of learning is forgotten in only 30 days following a training event. Similar research indicates that even though the reactions of salespeople were positive, no differences were observed in the behavior of trained groups and non-participants without a systematic approach to training follow-up.

Technique: Become Certified in Action Selling. Students of sales training that have a learning goal, place more importance on the training and learn more than those without a learning goal.


Transference is your ability to take what was taught and use it in your work-related activities. Obviously, this is the principal goal of training. There are three elements that are critical to transference:

  1. Measure the mastery of the skills being taught
  2. Practice the skills that will be used in the work environment
  3. Measure the use of newly learned skills in the field

Technique: Compare pre-learning skills assessments to post-learning skill levels. Use validated selling skills assessments that are capable of measuring both Knowledge and Application of Knowledge. Our LearningLink system provides all the tools needed to unlock your sales team’s potential.

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