The 3 Buyer Types

How to Sell to Multiple Buyer Types

Does your sales process require multiple levels of client approval? This new approach called Action Selling 3D shows salespeople how to make every person that you contact an advocate for your solution.

End User - Sales Decision Maker

The End-User Buyer

This person evaluates the performance of your product. How does it help make their job easier and give them more job satisfaction.

Specialist - Sales Decision Maker

The Specialist Buyer

This person screens options and determines if your product meets specifications. They will recommend you if you sell correctly to them.

The Ultimate Decision Maker

The Ultimate Decision Maker

This person has bottom-line responsibility and will evaluate the ROI for your product. They have final approval and control the budget.

Action Selling 3DAction Selling 3D trained salespeople understand the roles, criteria and goals of each Buyer Type. They successfully gain commitment from each Buyer Type and move the sales process forward 25% faster and 200% more consistently.

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book - The 3 Buyer Types

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