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Who We Are

Since 1995, more than 400,000 salespeople have been assessed, trained, certified, and then measured to validate this research.

Who We Are

Our Story

In 1990, under the direction of author Duane Sparks, The Sales Board and Action Selling were created. The company began with the question: Which selling skills have the greatest impact on sales productivity? “You can’t teach anyone 100 different things to focus on,” said Sparks. “You need to have a finite number of skill improvement areas to work on.”

After five (5) years of research, a short list of Critical Selling Skills emerged as the most important sales productivity boosters.

What Differentiates Action
Selling From Everyone Else?

No other company has developed Big Data comparable to this enormous database of skill measurement and corresponding performance change.

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Major Sales Training INnovations

The knowledge gained from research has been completely incorporated into the Action Selling training
process. Action Selling has accomplished these major sales training innovations:

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Critical Selling Skills

Identified the Five Critical Selling Skills that are trainable, measurable, and have the greatest impact on performance change.

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Learning Principles

Embedded Best-in-Class adult learning principles into a seamless sales training system.

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Training Systems

Action Selling training systems transfer more skill into the field than any other sales training methodology.

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Cloud-based learning reinforcement, field exercises, sales call planning tools and assessment allow learning to occur anytime and anywhere.

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Assessment System

Created the first and only validated assessment system for measuring and writing prescriptions for skill improvement.

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Reinforcement systems that fit every learning style.

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Best documentation

The best documented sales methodology in the sales training space.

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Continuous Research

Once salespeople become certified their performance improves at six times (6X) the rate of salespeople trained on other programs.