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Sales Training Classes & Workshops

See how our workshops and sales training classes produce real, long-term gains in sales performance, helping your team continually hit goals by incorporating the five critical selling skills through training, reinforcement and transfer innovations to ensure skills will be learned and used on the job.

Sales Training Programs

The Advantage of Sales Training Workshops

Improve your team’s sales skills and increase performance growth 6X when you work with Action Selling ® either through a private or open sales training workshop. Tailored for your unique selling situations through our materials as our professional facilitators (or yours) take you through the course, we’re able to help you focus on best practices for your company and align all leadership and employees around common goals. Our sales training workshops include certified instructors, sales training videos, student workbooks, customized scenarios, group exercises and role-play practice. You’ll use your company, industry, products and selling environment throughout every step of the training.

  • New and Veteran Salespeople: Support long-term reinforcement for sustained learning: Using our process, both sales veterans and new hires will be trained in best practices and receive reinforcement to use what they have learned in their day-to-day.
  • Sales Teams of Any Size: Maximize your sales force’s potential: Help your team increase sales, reduce sell-cycle time, increase margins, create loyal customers and continually improve through lessons and on-going reinforcement.
  • Sales Management: Learn sales coaching tools to develop sales managers: Management will have the tools to manage their sales force, track milestones, identify areas for individual improvement and accurately forecast sales revenue.
  • Action Selling® Graduates: Everyone can benefit from a refresh!

Free Skills Assessment

See actionable benchmark improvement. By measuring the current skills of your sales team with our free Benchmark Selling Skills Assessment*, you will be able to see quantifiable improvements within your team.

*Our Benchmark Assessment measures current selling strengths, identifies areas that need improving and provides detailed reports and recommendations on how to improve in each key skill.

Our Sales Training Classes Take You Further

Increase your sales performance growth by 6X when you certify on the skills of  Action Selling ® in a sales training workshop