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Sales Training ROI Calculator

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Sales Training ROI Calculator

What ROI can you see from our Sales Training Program?

The Sales Board has trained over 400,000 salespeople worldwide and achieved positive ROI in every industry!

Free Big Data Sales Training Report

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Now that you’ve calculated your ROI…

Now that you’ve calculated your ROI for sales training, download a copy of our Big Data Sales Training Report for your industry. We’ve collected years of specific industry related data and developed these reports to showcase the amazing gains in knowledge and application of our sales training program and the results were stunning. Each industry report is packed with data on sales skill gain increases after taking the Action Selling program.

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Your Industry Report

Data-Driven Sales Training Reports are now available for your Industry. Here's what we found:
  • Action Selling can shorten sales cycles by 25% and increase sales growth by 6X!
  • Action Selling increased the ability to Gain Commitment by 119%!

See what Action Selling can do for you. Get a FREE Sales Training Report for your industry.