Don’t just be a solution. Be the best solution.

Boarding for Flight 453 to Denver was already underway when Matt and Joe reached the departure gate. They found their adjoining seats in the first-class cabin and settled in, accepting bottled water from the flight attendant.

“Are we ready for Action Selling, Act 4?” Matt asked, as other passengers continued to shuffle past them down the aisle. “If I’m following correctly, agreeing on the client’s need is the climax of everything that’s happened in the drama so far. It’s what Acts 2 and 3 were building up to. And if I performed well in those earlier acts, then Act 4 should be short and sweet.”

“That’s pretty much true,” Joe said. “To ‘Agree on Need,’ you’re going to say, ‘As I understand it, you’re looking for…’ and then repeat back the most important things you’ve learned about the prospect’s situation—the high-yield needs you uncovered through questioning. Then you say, ‘Is that correct?’ If the prospect says yes, you’ve agreed on needs, and Act 4 is over. Of course…” Joe paused.

Agree on Need: ‘As I understand it, you are looking for…(insert needs). Is that correct?’
“Of course, life isn’t quite that simple?” Matt finished for him.

“Everything depends on whether you asked the best questions beforehand,” Joe said. “There’s a little more to it than we’ve talked about so far.”

“I figured as much,” Matt said. “But that’s fine, because I’d like to work through the process with you in the context of an actual sales call. Can we do some game planning for how I’ll use Action Selling when I call on my prospect tomorrow morning?” Because I sure need some help, he thought…

Duane Sparks

About Duane Sparks

Duane Sparks is founder and chairman of The Sales Board, the authoritative source of practical and leading-edge information about the art and science of selling. He has created Action Selling sales training products and learning systems that transform sales organizations. Duane is author of these best-selling books: Action Selling, Selling Your Price, Questions (the Answer to Sales), Masters of Loyalty (How to turn your sales force into a loyalty force), and Sales Strategy from the Inside Out (How complex selling really works).

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