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Critical Selling Skill #3: Questioning Skills

Ask The Best Questions

Questioning Skills

Sales Questioning Skills: FACT

86% of Salespeople Ask the Wrong Questions. The QUESTION is the professional salesperson’s most important tool. It is used for engaging the prospect, building rapport, discovering needs, agreeing on those needs, taking the temperature of the prospect, managing the sales conversation and gaining commitment.

Poor questioning skills will lead to resistance. Without good questioning the salesperson talks too much and listens too little.

Selling is no longer about what you say or how you say it. It’s about what you ask. At least one-third of Action Selling ® training is focused on learning how to Ask The Best Questions.

Questioning helps sales people “open” the sale. You can’t “close” a sale until you’ve first opened it. Action Selling ® teaches salespeople to ask the right type of question during each stage of the sales process. And, it provides a Best Questions Map, so salespeople ask ALL of the right questions in every selling situation.