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Sales Certification

Take your career further with Action Selling Certification

Sales Certification

Certify Students as Action Selling Professionals

Salespeople complete the online certification exercises, fill learning gaps and then complete the Final Certification. Salespeople who score 75% or more certify – others retrain and reassess. Our records show that Certified Action Selling Professionals sell at a rate that is six (6) times greater than those without training. And they protect margins while building long term customer loyalty.

The Action Selling Certification Program is extremely effective in helping sales professionals reach their sales goals. Since 1990, over 400,000 sales people from over 3,500 companies have been trained in Action Selling.

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Action Selling Certified

Salespeople who go through the course and become Action Selling Certified improve their sales at a rate that is double those who do not certify. What this means is…when salespeople learn more and are able to apply more of the sales skills taught in the Action Selling program, they have greater gains in sales performance. The more you learn about Action Selling the more you improve your sales.

Keys to Sales Certification Include:
  • Benchmark selling skills so everyone sees how they are improving in the sales certification process.
  • Assessments must be validated instruments, not opinion-based surveys.
  • Assessments must provide a “prescription” for improvement that includes specific activities needed to move to sales certification.
  • Assessments should be about 90 days following the learning so long-term retention is being measured.
Action Selling Sales Certification Accomplishes all of These in a Seamless Administration System.