Quiktron Inc. of Albania, Iowa, sells cable-connectivity solutions to the datacomm and telecommunications industries throughout North America. Christine Corbine, Quiktron’s Director of Sales, provides training for both an outside sales team and a team of customer-contact people—or Customer Relationship Professionals, as Action Selling calls them.

Corbine wanted to align all customer-facing employees around a common language for gaining commitment from customers and prospects. “We are well-known for our technology skills,” she says. “But, we found that people would tap our expertise and then buy from someone else. The training we got from The Sales Board fixed that.”

“Now,” Corbine continues, “we connect our solutions directly to the customer’s needs and use the commitment procedure we learned to gain agreement to move forward. Our Customer Relationship Professionals are amazed by how well this works.”

“You know your training is working when you overhear an employee from one department asking someone from another department, ‘What’s your Commitment Objective?'”

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