Envision Imaging of Dallas operates a multi-state network of world-class imaging centers that provide MRI Scans, CT Scans, and other medical services.  Envision’s salespeople have varying backgrounds and levels of experience, and its selling situations are different from those facing most companies.

“We strategically sell to the unique needs of each medical office,” says regional marketing director Stephanie Corbin-Helms. “We tailor our approach on every sales call.  We aren’t scripted.  We want our sales conversations to occur naturally, so they match the way people think.”

Does that sound as if Corbin-Helms should shop for sales training programs from providers who promise to tailor their courses to Envision’s own industry or its own product line? Think again.

Envision has learned that precisely because every sales call is different, it is crucial to provide sales training and sales coaching that focus on developing universal sales skills that can be applied to every situation, rather than attempting to identify the perfect situation where sales training should be focused.

That is the fatal flaw in the promise of sales training programs and sales coaching plans that supposedly will be tailored to your company’s situation. The promise sounds appealing, but it ignores the fact that your situation is fluid, not static.

When sales training companies say they will “tailor” their programs, they usually mean that they will make adjustments in their standard content so that it applies to your environment. That might work fine for a month—or a week, or a day. It might work longer, but only when a particular situation arises in the field.

Consistency: the key to differentiation

“Envision has lots of competition,” Corbin-Helms says. “In order to differentiate ourselves it is important that we have a consistent approach that everyone uses.” That is why Envision’s sales training programs and sales coaching efforts are based on the Action Selling ® system.

“Action Selling ® is embedded in our CRM system, our field-coaching procedures, our strategic planning sessions, our team calls, and interactions with our center managers who deliver the service that we sell,” she says.

“Action Selling ® isn’t just a collection of sales skills, it’s a great communications system,” Corbin-Helms continues. “We use it every day, all day.  Not only are we ahead of our sales goals for the year, we consistently gain referrals from satisfied customers.  That’s the biggest compliment you can get.”

For information about how to improve sales skills and make sales training pay huge dividends, contact Action Selling ® at (800) 232-3485.