The greatest hidden asset in any company is the untapped potential of its sales force. The best investment opportunity available to any company, or salesperson, is to unlock that potential. How many other investments can show a documented ROI of more than 3:1 in 90 days and 14:1 in the first year?

Naturally, you don’t get results like that from just any sales training course. Just as there are right ways and wrong ways to sell, there are right and wrong ways to teach people how to sell more effectively.

How can $1 of sales training return $14 worth of better sales performance?

For sales training to unlock the true potential of a sales force and optimize benefits to a company’s bottom line, three things are required. They should always be present in any sales-training situation, but rarely are…

Duane Sparks

About Duane Sparks

Duane Sparks is founder and chairman of The Sales Board, the authoritative source of practical and leading-edge information about the art and science of selling. He has created Action Selling sales training products and learning systems that transform sales organizations. Duane is author of these best-selling books: Action Selling, Selling Your Price, Questions (the Answer to Sales), Masters of Loyalty (How to turn your sales force into a loyalty force), and Sales Strategy from the Inside Out (How complex selling really works).

Discover how the best sales training process can make spectacular improvements in sales skills. Action Selling: How to Sell Like a Professional (Even If You Think You are One).