A supercharging effect occurs when training in the Action Selling ® system is extended beyond the sales force to all employees in an organization. And yes, it can happen in a stagnant economy.

There is tremendous synergy that comes when all employees understand that every interaction with a customer, or potential customer, is a sales call—one that leaves the customer more sold or less sold on the company. There is a powerful effect of tearing away the veil of mystery that surrounds the sales process, so that non-sales types, including managers, can offer advice and guidance that is actually helpful to the sales force.

There is one very fundamental reason why training in Action Selling ® can lead to quantum growth in revenue. That is because Action Selling ® produces quantum improvements in sales skills.

For quantum growth, you need quantum improvements in sales skills.

To put it simply, Action Selling ® makes salespeople better because it works. And it works because Action Selling ® teaches sales skills that can be taught and that really make a difference. The same cannot be said of most other sales-training programs.

Research demonstrates that there are Five Critical Selling Skills. Thousands of assessments of salespeople in hundreds of companies demonstrate that certification in Action Selling ® improves performance dramatically in all five of those critical skills. The improvement is significant regardless of how experienced and successful the salespeople were to begin with.

Here are the Five Critical Sales Skills that Action Selling ® isolates and teaches:

  • Managing the buyer/seller relationship
  • Sales call planning
  • Questioning skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Gaining commitment

Action Selling ® can produce quantum improvements in those skills! It can double the effectiveness in the skill of gaining commitment from customers for example—the basic reason why salespeople add value in the first place.

Read on for more detail about skill improvements at one company.

Action Selling ® in Action

Supply Chain Services is an 11-year-old Stillwater, Minn., company that sells bar code equipment to clients in the manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing industries. After training its entire work force of about 25 people in Action Selling ®, SCS posted a one-year increase in revenue of 50 percent, with no drop in profit margin and an increase in the average size of its deals.
That happened this year, in the current economy.

“Our sales force was already good, but we’re doing a lot of things better today,” says SCS’s chief operating officer Dave Green. “We use Action Selling ® to differentiate ourselves in a commodity marketplace. We’ve stopped selling hardware and started selling our company values and capabilities…. We have dramatically improved our ability to assess the customer’s needs and fit our solutions to those needs. And we confidently ask for commitment. We didn’t do that before we were trained in Action Selling ®.”

SCS had a 98 percent improvement in Gaining Commitment—which means that performance doubled in that crucial category.

Find out how quantum growth becomes possible regardless of economic conditions.