Epilogue – And Then There Was 3D

18 months later…

Joe didn’t get more than two steps into Matt’s Denver office before Matt was on his feet to greet him with a delighted handshake.

“It’s great to see you, Joe,” Matt said. “How was your flight?”

“Everything went smoothly. Can’t say I learned much, though, except that it’s pretty flat between here and Chicago.” The notion that airline flights were supposed to be learning experiences had become a standing joke between them. “How are you doing, Matt? It’s been, what, four months since I’ve seen you? How are Linda and the kids?”

“Never better,” Matt said. “Life is good.”

This was true, and it showed. Matt had told Joe before about the surprising spillover benefits that Action Selling gave to his family life as the system became second nature to him. (“Joe, it’s amazing what happens when you actually listen to your wife and Ask the Best Questions until you truly understand her! Is this normal? Does Action Selling do this for everybody?”)

Matt was, quite plainly, a happier man than the one Joe had first met on that memorable swing through Seattle. His whole demeanor spoke of confidence and a sense of competence that was entirely new. And even if your manner didn’t tell the story, your numbers would, Joe thought.

You’re one of our top salespeople, Matt—no small achievement in a sales force that is lighting up its industry since everyone got trained in Action Selling.

After a little more catching up, the two settled into Matt’s office and got down to business. “Is everything set for our call on RWS Advisors tomorrow?” Joe asked.

Matt nodded. “We’re on for 9 a.m.,” he said. “We have one hour with the four of them: John Williams, my original contact, plus Kevin Robb, Al Shaffer, and Julie McNeil. It really helped that I was able to play you like a trump card, Joe. My relationship with Williams might have been strong enough to get me a meeting with all of them, but when I said I wanted to bring in our national sales vice president, that sealed the deal.”

“Yes, when it comes to getting the ears of decision makers, like titles attract,” Joe said.

“I’m really looking forward to making another joint call with you,” Matt said. “Wow, who’d have believed 18 months ago that I’d ever be saying that?”

Joe laughed. “You think you’re surprised?”

Matt let the jab pass. “That’s not the only reason I’m glad I called you for help last week,” he said. “And from what you said, it sounds as if I’m going to be gladder still. Action Selling 3D? Is that what you called it?”

“That’s its name,” Joe replied. “It’s a new course from Action Selling. It zeroes in on how to manage complex sales–you know, deals with multiple decision makers. Your call came at a perfect time because RWS is a perfect example of how 3D applies to our business. This will be a great opportunity for us to use it in the field.”

With that, Joe reached into his briefcase…

One week ago…

Duane Sparks

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