BerganKDV is a leading regional accounting and professional-services firm serving the Upper Midwest. Since Bergan introduced Action Selling CRP to its customer relationship professionals (accountants and others who interact with customers), the company has far less trouble dealing with stalls and objections.

Here are some comments from Bergan partner Lee Roberts:

“We always start customer meetings now with the same question: What’s changed since the last time we spoke? In many cases, if there is an objection it surfaces right away. The same applies to stalls.

“If we get a stall or objection,” Roberts continues, “it usually arises because a competitor has told the client that they don’t need a certain product we offer. In reality, the competitor wants to create billable CPA hours rather than provide automation that will avoid billable hours. When this happens, we use Action Selling methodology to neutralize it. We go to Act 3 and ‘Ask the Best Questions’ to help us and the client understand the consequences of not solving the problem. We use leverage questions to turn up the heat on the issue so the client is even more motivated to implement our recommendation.”

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Duane Sparks - Stalls VS. Objections: Action Selling In Action


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