Think about the elite salespeople who land those mega-deals that make headline news. I’m talking about the multimillion or billion-dollar deals that change the game for companies. Here’s a question: Who coaches the heavy hitters who pull off such coups?

After all, somebody must advise them. Even corporate CEOs have a board of directors to guide them. Those boards are made up of experienced and capable people who get paid to ask hard questions—and also to answer them. The board’s job is to guide a company’s top executives to higher levels of performance.

So who guides top sales executives? Obviously they didn’t develop their sales skills without going through some high-quality sales training programs, but sales coaching is a different animal from formal training. So where do heavy hitters turn for sales coaching? And where can you turn?

The higher the stakes, the more crucial that question becomes. If a truly game-changing deal is at stake, and you aren’t sure how to play your cards, you need some sales coaching help.

Your shot at the big time

Let’s say you have a sales call scheduled. It’s your shot at the biggest deal in your company’s history. Maybe it’s a huge deal with a current customer. Or maybe it’s an exclusive arrangement to sell your products in an untapped marketplace. Or maybe you’re taking a chunk of business away from a major competitor—a chunk so big that you will grow dramatically while the competitor goes away forever.

Whatever the case, the competition is intense. Everything is on the line. If you win, you’re a hero. If you lose…Well, let’s say that would really stink.

At this juncture, you don’t need a sales training course. You need individual sales coaching from an expert guide who can help you think through the moves and countermoves you will have to make to land this particular deal. But where can you go to get reliable sales coaching that will help orchestrate something like this? Where is your “board” of sales advisors when you need them the most?

Here’s an answer: You ought to be able to get great sales coaching from the same company that provides your sales training programs. That coaching ought to be available online, on the phone, or in person.

Where is your “board” of sales advisors when you need them the most? I’ll just mention in passing that Action Selling ®’s parent company is called The Sales Board. That isn’t an accident.

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