If you have practiced the Action Selling system, then you have experienced the joy and satisfaction of making sales calls like a genuine professional. And if you manage salespeople who have learned Action Selling, then you know what a huge advantage it is to be able to coach and guide them in a common language designed precisely to describe the sales process.

But what happens to that precise communication when the sales force must coordinate with other units in your organization? If your company is like most, the answer isn’t always pretty.

How much more effective and successful could your company be if everyone—technicians, customer service people, and all levels of management—spoke the same language? Companies that have extended Action Selling training beyond the sales force have achieved quantum leaps in performance—even in the current stagnant economy.

What happens when all employees receive Action Selling training? For one thing, people who understand that every interaction with a customer is a sales call handle those interactions differently. And when they know how professional selling actually works, their dealings with customers aren’t just different, they are far more successful.

When everyone is trained in Action Selling the veil of mystery is lifted.

But there’s more to it. To non-sales types, including many managers and executives, selling is a mystery. They don’t understand how effective salespeople make sales happen. Therefore, they can’t critique or provide helpful advice. Once they are trained on Action Selling, the veil is lifted, and they “get it.” Once the secret is out, non-salespeople can actually hold salespeople accountable for doing things right.

Couple that with technicians, service employees, and others creating customers who are “more sold” on the company every time they interact with it, and you have a radical new dynamic within an organization.

Quantum growth, anyone?

Action Selling in Action

Supply Chain Services of Stillwater, Minn., sells bar code equipment and services to companies in the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution industries. After adopting the Action Selling system, SCS boosted revenue by a whopping 50 percent this year while maintaining margins and increasing the size of its average sale.

You heard right: 50 percent sales growth in the current economy.

What happened? Predictably, the sales force became much more effective after adopting Action Selling. But it wasn’t only that. The impact of the training was supercharged when SCS extended it beyond the sales force to include the entire company, says chief operating officer Dave Green.

“Action Selling provided the system, the language, and the sales culture we needed to plan and execute a very ambitious growth strategy,” Green says. “Everyone in our company now sees and understands the benefits of improved customer interactions with Action Selling. Our technical staff has a better idea of what we can do to satisfy a customer’s needs. Our salespeople sell with far more confidence. Management understands what’s going on in the field. And, we’re closer to the customer because of how well we communicate with our sales force on every deal.”

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