A lot of companies are talking these days about “sales culture.” It’s pretty hard to develop a great sales culture without a great sales leader. That’s exactly what our best clients have. They know that leader development is an important key if a company wants to build or improve a sales culture.

Lee Roberts, a partner at Bergen KDV, is responsible for developing the sales culture at his fast-growing certified public accounting firm, recently named a Top 100 CPA Firm. He knows that a strong sales culture extends well beyond the formal sales force.

“The cost to add new customers is 7 to 10 times more than gaining revenue from current clients,” Roberts says. “Because most of our clients had only bought one service, we trained all of our teammates, not just those with formal sales responsibilities, on Action Selling Customer Relationship Professional (CRP). It was the best investment we could make. We’re doing extremely well as a company. We love Action Selling CRP.”

Now, that is great sales leadership! Roberts’ outstanding leadership is the key to Bergen’s sensational growth…