One wouldn’t normally think of a CPA firm as remarkable example of a thriving sales culture. But “remarkable” is exactly how I’d describe BerganKDV. We’ve worked with BerganKDV over the past 10 years to help them grow to a top 100 accounting firm in the nation. And, they’re not stopping there.

Lee Roberts is Director of Sales and responsible for guiding the firm’s sales leaders in each of the major markets they serve. The firm has experienced enormous success and shows no signs of slowing down.

“We added $6.45 million in new business during the first 6 months of our current fiscal year,” says Roberts. This is a 25% growth pace. How does a CPA firm grow like that?

“Having the common framework (across our entire team) of Action Selling ®, allows us to have more sales interactions with more prospects than we have ever been able to in the past. Because every member of our team understands Commitment Objective, we set up more Discovery Meetings and move the sales process forward faster than ever before…”