I am frankly embarrassed to work in an industry whose products have a 90 percent failure rate. Yes, that is the approximate percentage of sales training programs that fail to produce meaningful, long-term gains in sales performance in the field.

Sales performance “in the field” is, of course, the only place where performance really matters. That brings us to the subject at hand. I believe that there are three major reasons why so many sales training programs fail. A newly revised white paper available on our web site explains them in depth (see link at bottom).

90% Of Sales Training Fails In previous editions of this newsletter, I explored the first two of those reasons:

  1. Programs have the wrong content. They simply try to teach the wrong things.
  2. The training is rejected by salespeople. Trainees never really buy into the premise that the program has useful things to teach.

Now let’s look at the third major cause of failure…

Duane Sparks

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