That is the question on every customer’s mind. It is the final determiner of every buying decision. Unless you are talking to the owner of a company, nobody cares deeply about dollars saved or productivity improvements. What most corporate buyers really want to know is, “How will I be better off if I bring this solution to my employer?”

More than 90 percent of sales calls stop short of uncovering the customer’s personal payoff.

You may have heard that customers buy for emotional reasons, then justify their decisions with logic. It’s true. And those emotional reasons have to do with the satisfaction of personal needs. To make a sale, you must be able to offer a solution with a personal payoff to the customer. You can’t do that until you understand what the personal payoff would be. Your challenge is to uncover and agree upon the customer’s personal needs—and what kind of solution would satisfy them.

A few examples of personal needs: get a promotion or a raise; look good to one’s bosses or peers; be perceived as a can-do individual who gets things done.

Here’s how to find out about gut-level issues like that…

Duane Sparks

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