Our recent research shows that nearly 80% of salespeople do not understand what their primary purpose is. Your principle mission is to Gain Commitment. The confusion stems from the variety of tasks we as salespeople are asked to perform. The end result is that 64% of salespeople make calls where there is no attempt at Gaining Commitment.

One of the most important reasons why this occurs is most salespeople do not establish what we call a Commitment Objective for every sales call. This is the number one mistake that all salespeople make. Well, it’s time to change that!

Commitment Objective: A goal we set for ourselves to gain agreement from the customer that moves the sales process forward.

No sales call should ever be made without a Commitment Objective. If you do not have a Commitment Objective firmly planted in your mind, you will wind up being one of those 62% that don’t Ask for Commitment.

In The Field:
Newly hired salespeople at Melody Inc., a Muzak Franchise, are required to make sales calls with veteran salespeople. Toward the end of one recent call, the prospect asked the veteran if he could keep the company brochure and share it with his partner. The veteran was happy to comply and began to pack up his briefcase.

The newly hired salesperson had recently been trained on Action Selling ® and knew the value of having a Commitment Objective. She decided that it would make sense to capitalize on the prospect’s interest and schedule the next logical step – a proposal meeting. So she said, “As a next step I would recommend that we plan another meeting with yourself and your partner. We will prepare a proposal that documents what we have discussed and the solution we recommend. How does that sound?”

You guessed it. They scheduled a proposal meeting for a week later. During the next meeting they Gained Commitment for the business.

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