Epilogue – Learning a new game

By the sixth hole, Harry knew he was doomed. Mitch was on fire—striping it down the fairways, hitting shots onto greens that knocked the flags down, and putting like a demon.

“Going to win back the money I took from you the last time we played, is that it?” Harry asked.

“That’s the plan,” Mitch said happily, after his approach shot left him with a five-foot birdie putt.

“Ungrateful dog, aren’t you.”

“Harry, I am the most grateful dog you ever knew. But I’m still going to take your money. You can afford it. And now I know why you can afford it, since I understand your secret weapon.”

You think you understand Action Selling already? Harry thought. That’s peculiar, since I’m still learning and improving at it. Guess I can’t take off my mentor hat just yet.

When Mitch had called to invite Harry to play golf again, his excitement was so great that Harry had to hold the phone away from his ear. “Unbelievable!” Mitch kept shouting. “Harry, the difference was unbelievable!”

Mitch had just landed the Bridgeco account. (“Suddenly I’m a rainmaker around here!”) He talked as if Harry couldn’t possibly appreciate the remarkableness of his initial call on Jim Bradley or of his triumphant presentation to Bridgeco’s management team. He kept groping for words to describe the experience.

“It was like no call I ever made!”

“It was like no call I ever made!” Mitch had exclaimed. “The whole tone of it was different.”

“I imagine so, if you were listening to Bradley’s voice instead of your own,” Harry replied dryly.

Mitch laughed. “Yeah, but it went way beyond that. It was amazing how Bradley opened up when I started asking him the Best Questions. No client has ever talked to me that frankly or told me so much about his business. I felt like a management consultant. Heck, I started to think like a consultant. Bradley liked me and trusted me. And I felt like I deserved his trust. It was as if—I don’t know, as if the whole focus was on what I could do to help solve his problems instead of on what products I could sell him…”

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