Handling stalls and objections becomes a whole new ball game for salespeople and customer-relationship professionals who are introduced to Action Selling. One reason the odds of success increase so dramatically is that you deal with stalls and objections without ever having to leave the sales system you’re working within.

Action Selling client Alan Finkelstein, Director Global Learning, of pharmaceutical giant Merck, says that this feature has made all the difference.

“If you do a good job with Act 3 and 4, it’s nearly impossible to hear an objection in Act 7,” Finkelstein says. “If one comes up, you missed something from the Best Questions Map. So you merely take a step back.”

“If we hear a stall, we just reinforce what we presented as a solution from Acts 5 and 6. We present another capability, and we’re right back at Act 7 again.”

“If we do these things well,” he continues, “the solution presentation is a winner. For example…”