Handling stalls and objections becomes a whole new ball game for salespeople and customer-relationship professionals who are introduced to Action Selling ®. One reason the odds of success increase so dramatically is that you deal with stalls and objections without ever having to leave the sales system you’re working within.

Action Selling ® client Alan Finkelstein, Director Global Learning, of pharmaceutical giant Merck, says that this feature has made all the difference.

“If you do a good job with Act 3 and 4, it’s nearly impossible to hear an objection in Act 7,” Finkelstein says. “If one comes up, you missed something from the Best Questions Map. So you merely take a step back.”

“If we hear a stall, we just reinforce what we presented as a solution from Acts 5 and 6. We present another capability, and we’re right back at Act 7 again.”

“If we do these things well,” he continues, “the solution presentation is a winner. For example…”