Here is a question from an Action Selling customer who happens to sell industrial pumps:

“One of our potential clients is a company that gets bids for pumps from three different suppliers, and then pays an engineer to evaluate the bids and recommend the best buy. If they allowed us to jump in as a fourth bidder, they would have to pay extra to the engineer. They’re balking. Our products have a good reputation, but so do the other three bidders. Is there anything we can do? Or must we just accept that we came too late to the party?”

The answer is that this is not necessarily a dead end. There is a potential solution. And it has nothing to do with the reputation of the products you sell. Here is the answer:

Get the buying decisions back on track.

Action Selling teaches that customers make five sequential buying decisions: Salesperson, Company, Product, Price, and Time to Buy. This customer’s decision-making strategy is focused on the third and fourth buying decisions: Product and Price. That’s one problem. The other is that allowing you to come in as a fourth bidder would cost the customer some amount of money…

Duane Sparks

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