In our sales books and elsewhere, the Action Selling system is described as a kind of instruction manual that tells you how to win genuine customer loyalty. Genuinely loyal customers are people with whom you have built such a strong relationship that they have stopped shopping among your competitors.

That kind of loyalty is the whole ball game. So when a potential client says, essentially, “I’m loyal to another supplier,” that means one of your competitors has beaten you to the punch. As customer objections go, this is a lulu. What in the world can you do?

The “loyalty” objection is tough. But to whom is the customer really loyal?

Action Selling teaches that every objection can be tied to one or more of the customer’s 5 Buying Decisions, which are sequenced in this order: Salesperson, Company, Product, Price, and Time to Buy. An objection refers either to the buying decision that you are hearing about or to a buying decision that precedes that one.

This is an important point because prospects who say “I have a strong relationship with another supplier” appear to be telling you that they prefer a competitor’s company to yours. In Action Selling terms, you might think the objection has to do with Act 5, and that you are failing to “sell your company” effectively…

Duane Sparks

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