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“With Action Selling, we’ve grown organic revenue by $100 million and reduced our sales cycles by 30%. We get to more qualified buyers and avoid the price game. Action Selling has raised the professionalism of our entire sales force.”

Mark Dennis, VP of Sales, Veolia

“Since we started using Action Selling in 2011, we have averaged roughly 20% revenue growth per year since, including 40% the first year! Action Selling has proven to be a consistent and widely understood sales process that everyone in sales, administration and technical support practices daily.”

Chip Emery, CEO, Supply Chain Services

“Our YOY growth is 275%! The 9 Acts of Action Selling is the number one reason for these results. I couldn’t be more excited to be the champion for this process within our organization!”

Trent Thompson

Director of Sales Operations, Tour de Force

“Our sales team will better understand the five principles of a buyer’s decision and use these skills to ask the best questions to gain loyalty and build relationships. By learning the action selling process, structure, and asking for commitment will allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competition.”

Deke Stejskal

CHS (Grand Meadow)

“Action Selling provides a tremendous foundation in which to build a strong sales team. I enjoyed the interactive workbook exercises, role plays, and videos. Most importantly, the facilitator really did his homework!! Great job!!!!”

Kendal Senior Living

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