Coaching for Sales Quality | Action Selling

Coaching for Sales Quality

Accelerate Your Sales Team’s Effectiveness by Becoming an Expert Action Selling Coach

Coaching for Sales Quality (CSQ) is a one and one-half day workshop that will boost your coaching skills and leverage your company’s investment in Action Selling. CSQ teaches you how to diagnose common problem areas in the selling process and prescribe actionable solutions that will maximize sales performance.

CSQ helps you further develop your sales organization consistently and efficiently by reinforcing the Action Selling process. You’ll have the necessary tools to help your team achieve sales goals in a way that is long term, sustainable and measurable.

CSQ is an important step in the development of an Action Selling sales team because it deepens your level of understanding while it helps you reinforce the proven selling principles of Action Selling.

Benefits of CSQ

  • Become an expert at identifying your team’s sales development needs
  • Quickly uncover the cause of performance problems
  • Discover actionable ideas and step-by-step solutions to cure selling problems
  • Become a significantly more effective coach of Action Selling for your sales team
  • Learn how to consistently gain commitment for continuos improvement
  • Provide ongoing reinforcement of Action Selling

Course Format

The CSQ workshop includes 6 different learning modules. Each module focuses on giving the sales coach discussion points, exercises and interactive tools to use to engage salespeople and gain their commitment for continuous improvement and long-term success.

The workshop shows coaches how to apply the Action Selling process as a coaching communications process. Sales leaders learn how to use Action Selling to coach Action Selling. This methodology reinforces the power of the Action Selling process throughout the entire sales team.