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Sales Coaching Tool (RX)


Are your salespeople making Perfect Sales Calls? Of course, not. There is no such thing as a perfect sales call. Even successful calls can be improved. And, failed calls can be riddled with Selling Errors.

Action Selling ® Rx is the cure for Selling Errors. Both sales manager and salesperson can use this simple system to Diagnose Selling Problems. The Rx tool will look at Symptoms and pin-point Selling Errors that cause low sales productivity.

Diagnosis is only half of the solution. Exactly, what can you do to remedy the problem that is causing symptoms like poor sales performance, long sell cycles, low margins or lost opportunities?

Action Selling ® Rx is an online sales coaching tool designed to diagnose and prescribe a permanent “cure” for the selling errors that all salespeople make – even trained veterans. In a few clicks, the Rx tool gives you a How-to Prescription to permanently Cure Selling Errors.