Best Sales Practices (BSP)

It pays big dividends to document your company’s sales process. What are the most successful practices that you and your salespeople have found for winning business? Companies that document BSP maximize revenue, protect margins, and help salespeople make more sales.

What do your best people do that others don’t do? Your sales improvement is directly related to the content within your Best Sales Practices (BSP) documentation.

Included at a small extra fee, The Sales Board will provide a BSP template that will give you everything you need to easily document BSP. When sales organizations complete this, reinforcing sales training and training new hires becomes far easier.

Discover the Six Must-Have Elements your Best Sales Practices documentation must include for it to yield top sales productivity.

Your success depends on it!


The New Role that Drives Sales Leader Value

Documenting Your Best Sales Practices

Six Must-Have Elements the Yield High Sales Success Rates

Your Sales Success is directly related to the content within your Best Sales Practices (BSP) documentation and how that content is followed. Our research shows that there are certain elements that must be included in a BSP documentation for companies to receive high sales success rates. This article covers those Six Must-Have Elements.

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