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92% of Salespeople Leave Empty-Handed When They Hear a Stall!

No doubt, your salespeople have this problem! A stall means your customer is not quite sold yet.

But they don’t have a specific reason for not buying.  Stalls are different than objections. How you approach handling stalls is often the difference between gaining a new customer and losing an opportunity.

Here’s what can happen:

  • The sales process gets derailed and never comes to fruition.
  • Reps buy into the customer’s request to “think about it.”
  • Salespeople get flustered and challenge the stall. 
  • Your reps open the door for the competition.

This 4-Minute Video, demonstrates a classic example of what happens when this Sales Fail occurs, and what to do about it.  This video Illuminates!  You’ll see costly errors your reps are making today.