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Action Selling Professional Certification




Learn about the End-to-End Sales Process at Your Own Pace

Receiving an Associate Certification from Action Selling is a great way to set the tone for your sales future, but if you want a true understanding of the end-to-end sales process, you need to sign up for the Professional Certification program. Our engaging content will inform and inspire you to give you all the tools to become a sales leader. There has never been a more efficient program that helps you improve your sales skills at your own pace until now.

If you’re looking for a complete sales training solution that results in career-changing professional development, look no further.


Who Takes This Course?

takescourse - Action Selling Professional Certification

  • VETERAN Salespeople who want to refresh their Selling Skills
  • Salespeople that are NEW to the Profession of Sales
  • Sales MANAGERS that need a sales process for Coaching their team
  • Sales TEAMS that are looking for high quality online sales training
  • Previously TRAINED Action Selling students that want a refresher course
  • WORLDWIDE Sales Teams that want an efficient way to upgrade their skills


What’s Included?

Group 9297 - Action Selling Professional Certification

About This Course

This course goes several steps beyond the Associate program by teaching you about the end-to-end sales process through a series of 9 Acts. The reinforcement you receive throughout this program will supply you with all the skills you need to become a sales leader.

  • Discover and learn to execute a proven end-to-end sales process through our video series
  • Learn about examples that demonstrate many of the classic mistakes that all salespeople make.
  • Learn see examples of the correct use of the selling skills.
  • Take Interactive quizzes that help you internalize the knowledge as they test your understanding of Action Selling.
  • Gain all the skills you need to become certified through the Action Selling eBook.
  • Gain helpful feedback on where you are great and where you need improvement through the Certification Assessment.
  • Complete this Fast and effective learning course in 9-12 hours (depending on your learning style)