Press Release: Action Selling ® Customer Relationship Professional (CRP) - Action Selling ®

Press Release: Action Selling ® Customer Relationship Professional (CRP)

MINNEAPOLIS, MN 7/31/2017 — Today, Plymouth-based company The Sales Board, Creator of Action Selling ®, announced the launch of their New Program: Customer Relationship Professional (CRP). Designed to align sales and service teams with a common customer communications language. CRPs will learn how to increase customer loyalty and generate dramatic gains in organic revenue using the Action Selling ® CRP process.

Customer Relationship Professional (CRP) is a proven customer communications process for every customer interaction. This training program dramatically helps CRPs to differentiate their service and support solutions from the competition. This program teaches CRPs how to create relationships with customers who are not just satisfied but fiercely loyal.

“Since 75% of customers who leave a supplier were either ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ when they left, this program creates customers who are stuck like glue to a company. Whether you manage inside sales, customer service, technical support, marketing, or any other role that involves customer contact, Customer Relationship Professional (CRP) will sharpen communication skills and increase your teams’ ability to create loyal customers – they stop shopping!” said Creator Duane Sparks.

  • The purpose of every client conversation is to create loyalty.
  • A simple communications process that everyone can use and master.
  • The best way to consistently solve problems, provide information, make add-on sales, and refer clients.
  • Fun, entertaining, and practical learning experience for all customer contact employees.
  • Align sales and service and drive organic sales growth (3X).
  • Certify CRPs to become the best consultants, orchestrators, and relationship builders.

About The Sales Board and Action Selling ®

Since 1990, The Sales Board has provided the Top 20 Sales Training program, Action Selling ® to over 400,000 salespeople in over 3500 companies from virtually every industry. With 28 years of successful sales training experience, we are excited to launch Customer Relationship Professional (CRP). The complete training program to prepare, train, reinforce, assess, and certify customer relationship professionals. CRP was inspired by the book: Masters of Loyalty: How to turn your work force into a loyalty force, by Author, Duane Sparks.


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