Sales Training Reinforcement

Reinforce Learning Or It Won’t Get Used

Most sales training does produce an immediate result. It just doesn’t last. Within a few months, salespeople relapse to their old behaviors. So the need to reinforce learning isn’t apparent until sometime down the road. When you look back a year following sales training you realize that nothing that was taught actually stuck.

Action Selling reinforces learning far better than any other sales training program. There are several things that it does to accomplish this, but two rise to the top.

  1. Implement a Field Coaching Procedure: When the field manager is left out of the equation, you are doomed. They actually need more training than the salespeople. And, they need the system, the tools and the accountability for follow up.
  2. Install a Reinforcement System:  Without an automated method for conducting periodic Skill Drills™ you can’t ensure that post-training activities are taking place. Action Selling provides a web-based system for prescribing, assigning and holding everyone accountable.

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