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Sales Training Preparation

Prepare your Salespeople and Managers for the road ahead

Sales Training Preparation

What good is sales training if salespeople don’t buy into it?Two critical adult learning principles come into play when you consider how to prepare your sales force and their managers for training.

  1. When salespeople have a higher pre-learning motivation level, they demonstrate greater learning and more positive reactions to the sales training.
  2. Salespeople with more support from their managers enter training with a stronger belief that the content will be useful.
So, how does Action Selling accomplish these two vital principles?

Prepare Salespeople And Managers To Receive Sales Training

Action Selling’s FREE Benchmark™ Selling Skills Assessment is a validated instrument used to measure knowledge and ability in the Selling Skills that have the most performance improvement potential. When complete, you will receive specific recommendations on how to improve your team’s selling skills.

Our assessment will help you prepare to learn about the five critical selling skills.

Gain More Insight From One Book Than
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Read our specific and easy-to-follow road map that will allow you to sell more products or services, build stronger relationships with customers, and make more money.

Sales Performance Analysis (SPA)

Investing in sales training seems like a perfectly sensible business practice. But, here’s the problem: 90% of sales training doesn’t produce a long term result. Why would any company want to roll the dice with odds like this? That’s exactly why you should be talking with us. We know why most sales training fails and what it realistically takes to make it successful. We’ve been doing this since 1990 and have mastered sales development. That’s why we are one of the top 10 sales training companies worldwide.

All the Answers you Receive in one Thirty Minute Phone Call.

Why train your sales team at all?
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What does your team need to do?
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How long will it take?
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What's your investment?
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What kind of ROI will you get?
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