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Sales Training Preparation

Prepare your Salespeople and Managers for the road ahead

Sales Training Preparation

What good is sales training if salespeople don’t buy into it?Two critical adult learning principles come into play when you consider how to prepare your sales force and their managers for training.

  1. When salespeople have a higher pre-learning motivation level, they demonstrate greater learning and more positive reactions to the sales training.
  2. Salespeople with more support from their managers enter training with a stronger belief that the content will be useful.
So, how does Action Selling accomplish these two vital principles?

Prepare Salespeople And Managers To Receive Sales Training

Action Selling’s FREE Benchmark™ Selling Skills Assessment is a validated instrument used to measure knowledge and ability in the Selling Skills that have the most performance improvement potential. When complete, you will receive specific recommendations on how to improve your team’s selling skills.

Our assessment will help you prepare to learn about the five critical selling skills.

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Sales Performance Analysis (SPA)

Investing in sales training seems like a perfectly sensible business practice. But, here’s the problem: 90% of sales training doesn’t produce a long term result. Why would any company want to roll the dice with odds like this? That’s exactly why you should be talking with us. We know why most sales training fails and what it realistically takes to make it successful. We’ve been doing this since 1990 and have mastered sales development. That’s why we are one of the top 10 sales training companies worldwide.

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Why train your sales team at all?
What does your team need to do?
How long will it take?
What's your investment?
What kind of ROI will you get?

The Importance of Sales In Your Organization

Having an effective sales team is one of the most important components of a flourishing business. For a business to succeed, they need to have a strong sales department, as they are the ones who ultimately drive business. There are many benefits of having an effective sales team, here are the top six.

Your Business Will Get Better Leads

While identifying and gaining leads can fall on the work of a marketing team, sales and marketing go hand in hand. Most businesses will not be able to attract customers without proper marketing techniques. However, while your marketing efforts may bring in some leads, oftentimes, the leads are not too valuable.

When sales and marketing teams work together, they share information freely and communication is improved. Rather than blaming each other for the lack of unqualified leads, they understand that their goals are aligned, which ultimately helps them bring in the best-qualified leads.

Improves Your Marketing Efforts

Speaking of working with marketing teams, a well-trained sales team can end up improving your marketing strategies. Sales professionals are inundated with the same frequently asked questions regarding their product or service. Rather than answering these questions at a constant rate, the marketing team can gain valuable information regarding what type of content the audience could benefit from.

For instance, if your product is software that helps manage your customer base, the marketing team could create content that is relevant to helping customers understand specifics of the product, and how it can solve problems. This can be in the form of videos or blog posts, or the marketing team can develop a campaign based on some insights the sales team has shared with them. Ultimately, having a strong relationship between the marketing team and sales team will improve the content that is created to inform the target audience.

Increases Communication Skills

Communication is a skill that is needed at every level in a business, but sales professionals rely on having exceptional communication skills. Professionally trained salespeople transform communication from a skill into an art form.

The reason why communication skills are so important in sales is that they have a direct influence on whether or not a deal will close. An effective sales staff will rarely drop sales as they can keep a continuous dialogue.

Lowers Client Turnover Rates

While much of the customer turnover rate relies on customer service, sales retention can be more important than client retention. For instance, when a transaction is completed, the business needs to evaluate the sales process. Was it a positive one? Did the customers share feedback with the salesperson regarding the transaction? If it was a positive experience, the customer experience is also generally positive. After a product is advertised, the next step is handing off a customer to a sales representative. How and what they say is incredibly important. Because, in the end, if they are too pushy, or if they say the wrong things, it could lead to a negative experience.

Effective sales teams understand that the sales process is complex. Creating a positive experience for the customer will likely reduce the turnover rate, especially in future transactions.

Your Business Will Develop a Standardized Sales Process

Successful sales teams are constantly refining their sales processes based on feedback and data. Effective sales teams understand why their deals are not pulling through, which means they can identify the root cause of this.

Formalized sales processes are crucial for any business, as they allow for a streamlined approach to dealing with sales transactions. In addition, it can help generate more revenue for your business. This is because a standard sales process allows teams to reliably predict sales and revenue.

Formal sales processes give your teams consistency. This helps you forecast the number of sales you will realistically close given the number of leads you have. Without a proper sales process setup, it is difficult to identify what actions work and which fail.

More Effective New Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new employees can take up a lot of time. This can be as little as a few weeks, to as long as a few months. When it comes to salespeople, however,oftentimes businesses will teach them about their product or service, and expect them to begin selling.

Unfortunately, that method is not an effective way to train a new hire who will be joining the sales team. Effective sales teams understand the importance of better sales training and they will employ whatever method that has proven to be successful to them.

Most businesses would not survive without some form of a sales team. Whether it’s one person or one department, the sales professionals within the business must have a strong sense of selling skills, communication skills, and knowledge of the industry they are working in. Effective sales teams are successful sales teams. And at the end of the day