Sales Skills Assessment

Assess Your Team’s Skills

Using the LearningLink™, students complete the online Action Selling Skills Assessment. Immediately upon completion, learning reports are provided to both the student and manager. These reports document and measure each student’s learning progress on each of the 5 Critical Sales Skills. Results are compared to the student’s initial Benchmark Sales Skills Assessment as well as the Action Selling Universe (database). Students are evaluated based on both the knowledge gained since training began as well as their ability to apply the knowledge in the field.

Specific training recommendations are made for each student based on their performance on each skill. They are assigned up to 10 additional exercises to complete based on their prescribed learning needs. Completion of these exercises will prepare students for the Final Certification on Action Selling.

The most critical ingredient of any learning plan is measurement. In sales training…What gets measured gets learned. Measurement of learning through validated assessments must permeate the entire sales training process. Less than 10% of sales training does this correctly.


Benchmark selling skills before you start:  This provides a starting point for establishing learning goals.


Assess both knowledge and application of knowledge: These are two entirely different things. And, solutions to each are completely different.


Assessments need to be prescriptive: They must tell salespeople exactly where the problems are and exactly how to eliminate them.


Measure only long-term memory: Assessments that are taken immediately following a workshop are useless.


Create Sales Certification standards: Give the team a way to achieve mastery of selling skills.

Action Selling is the ONLY Sales Training Program that does all of these!

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