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Your Team’s Most Frequent Selling Error

And, What to Do About it.

Recent studies conducted by The Sales Board show that 69% of Salespeople Don’t Know How to Effectively Plan Sales Calls. The greatest concern is the salespersons failure to set the right sales call objectives for Gaining Commitment. Due to this single issue, 69% aren’t planning to do their job!

With over two-thirds of salespeople failing to perform this essential duty, the impact on your ability to hit your 2021 Goals will be devastating. 3-Minute Video explains exactly why this is happening and what you can do.

  • Learn why 64% know what to do…But only 37% actually do it!
  • Identify a Simple-to-Use System that Solves the Problem
  • Increase Knowledge of How to Plan Sales Calls by 31%
  • Improve Ability to Plan Sales Calls by 123%