Action Selling operates from the research-proven principle that the most effective way to boost a company’s sales performance is to train salespeople in a way that improves five Critical Selling Skills. Those critical skills are:

  1. Buyer/Seller Relationship
  2. Sales Call Planning
  3. Questioning/Listening
  4. Presentation Skills
  5. Gaining Commitment

Recently a prospective client for Action Selling training challenged us with some extremely interesting questions:

  1. How much has your training improved critical selling skills in companies in particular industries, such as technology, heath care, manufacturing, finance, or agriculture?
  2. Which of these skills was the most deficient? Which skills improved the most?
  3. How do you compare gains in knowledge (how much students learn in a training program) to how much they transfer into the field?
  4. Which of the critical skills, when improved, produces the greatest return on investment for the salesperson’s company?

No sales training company in history could answer questions like those with reliable, validated data—until now.