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Healthcare Industry Sales Training

Healthcare Industry Sales Training

It’s not easy working in sales for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. You have to navigate complex regulatory environments and stay up-to-date with evolving guidelines — all while communicating the value of a complex product or service. 

On top of this, you have to build essential trust with providers and demonstrate how your offerings meet the needs of their wide variety of patients. You have to predict the questions and apprehensions of these unique parties during a sales cycle that can be lengthy due to regulatory approvals and similar processes.

It’s not easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. As healthcare landscapes shift, salespeople need to adapt strategies to address changing market dynamics while adhering to strict compliance standards, making resilience and adaptability crucial traits to possess.

The right pharmaceutical and healthcare industry sales trainingonline or in-person — can help your team develop these traits, stay ahead of the competition and secure your bottom line.


Why is Healthcare Industry Sales Training Important?

By acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills through training, your sales team can make informed decisions while providing valuable support to reps and doctors, ultimately contributing to the wellbeing of patients in need everywhere.

That’s not the only benefit, either:

  • It will help you navigate the ethical considerations of medical sales. Helping salespeople navigate the sensitive landscape of patient care and regulatory compliance means helping salespeople promote trust and credibility among stakeholders.
  • It will help you better “talk the talk.” Being able to decode complex scientific data and clinical studies enables your team to present evidence-based arguments and differentiate your products more effectively.
  • It will help you maintain strength through long sales cycles. It’s hard to stay persuasive throughout the intricate decision-making processes present in the long medical sales cycles. The right healthcare industry sales training helps salespeople develop the patience and skills needed to guide prospects through these extended timelines without losing the sale.

Effective Healthcare Sales Training Techniques

Sales training — whether it’s for pharmaceutical or healthcare sales, whether it’s online or in-person — helps your team develop and master critical, deal-closing skills. Skills like:

  • Mastery of product knowledge. Your team needs to thoroughly understand the features, benefits, and mechanisms of the pharmaceutical products they’re selling. Not only that, but they need to be able to communicate complex medical information clearly and concisely to diverse audiences and relate product capabilities back to specific patient needs and provider preferences.
  • Engaging with ethics and compliance. The right healthcare industry sales training will help your team navigate regulatory guidelines and compliance standards with precision while developing patient-first ethical sales strategies that build trust with providers over time.
  • Expertise in evidence-based selling. Can your team substantiate product claims by interpreting and sharing clinical data? If not, our training programs can help them to better tailor evidence-based arguments to align with individual healthcare professionals’ priorities.

What do you need for a successful healthcare sales training program?


Program Content

Our process is research-backed and uses a defined success path that gives you everything you need to meet your goals and quotas:

  • Preparation
  • Training
  • Reinforcement
  • Assessment
  • Certification

Our proprietary assessments help determine where your team currently stands. Once that’s determined, you’re provided a complete video training system customized to your needs.

Instructor Quality

Over the last three decades, we’ve certified half a million salespeople. Some of our instructors have even been given accolades for their work! We’re proud to have been awarded by industry leaders like Selling Power, who has named us a Top 20 Sales Training Company nine times.

Delivery Format

We tailor all our sales training to your specific requirements. Our lessons revolve around the five essential selling skills that drive measurable success — the key factors that most significantly impact your ability to close. We employ various methods to disseminate this valuable information, including:

  • Training Videos
  • Skill-Reinforcement Assignments
  • Virtual Assessments
  • …and beyond!

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that your team retains everything necessary for long-term success.



  1. A dramatic lift in this skill occurred in the Application (95%) of Sales Call Planning.

  2. The improvement in the Application of Sales Call Planning skills alone created an economic justification for the training.