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Financial Services Industry Sales Training

Financial Services Industry Sales Training

Being a sales professional in the financial services industry isn’t easy. That’s a fact.

Some of you have to possess a comprehensive understanding of unique financial products and services. Some have to navigate the labyrinthine realm of investments, insurance and retirement plans. Some work for banks or credit unions. Others work for credit card companies, investment funds or stock brokerages.

There’s one thing all financial services sales professionals have in common: they need effective communication skills in order to maintain the trust essential to find industry success.

The right financial industry sales training can guarantee your team’s closing skills are up to the unique challenges possessed by your industry — helping you outpace competition and secure revenue growth.

Why is Financial Industry Sales Training Important?

Financial industry sales training plays a pivotal role in equipping professionals with the skills, knowledge and mindset necessary to thrive in the complex and rapidly evolving world of finance. From mastering technical expertise to embodying ethical conduct, trained professionals bring confidence, trust and value to the products and services they’re pitching.

The right training will help you:

  • Navigate complexity. The financial services industry is heavily regulated to protect consumers. Sales training emphasizes compliance with laws and regulations, preventing potential legal pitfalls and other complexities that jeopardize success. Understanding the challenges your prospect faces will help you better tie the solution of those challenges to what you’re offering.
  • Improve communication. Financial concepts can be daunting for many. Sales training teaches professionals to communicate clearly and tailor their approach to meet clients’ expertise. Effective communication builds rapport, boosts client confidence and enhances the likelihood of securing deals.
  • Listen and adapt. Financial services can vary widely among clients — and the way your offering applies to their needs. Sales training helps professionals master the art of listening, enabling them to understand individual goals and craft tailored solutions on the spot. An effective personal touch differentiates your salespeople, enhancing their perceived value.

Effective Finance Industry Sales Training Techniques

Sales training — no matter what part of the financial services industry it focuses on — helps your team develop and master critical, deal-closing skills. Skills like:

  • Consultative selling. Financial services sales — especially B2B ones — necessitate a consultative approach, where the sales professional acts as a strategic partner rather than simply a vendor. This involves understanding the client’s specific business needs, challenges and goals — then tailoring financial solutions that align with them.
  • Financial acumen. Your team needs a deep understanding of financial markets, investment strategies, risk management, and various financial instruments to be effective. Our financial industry sales training will help your team take that knowledge and deliver better, more insightful recommendations to clients using it.
  • Relationship building. Building strong relationships is a cornerstone of this type of sales. The most successful industry professionals know how to establish rapport, foster trust and maintain ongoing connections with key decision-makers and influencers within prospect and client organizations. 

What do you need for an effective financial industry sales training program?


Program Content

Our process uses a defined, research-backed success path that gives your salespeople everything needed to meet goals and quotas:

  • Preparation
  • Training
  • Reinforcement
  • Assessment
  • Certification

Proprietary assessments help determine where your team currently stands. Once that’s documented, you’re given a complete, customized-for-you video training system.

Instructor Quality

We’ve certified over 500,000 salespeople over the last three decades. Our instructors know what they’re doing — and they have the accolades to prove it. We’re proud to have been acknowledged by industry leaders like Selling Power, who has named us a Top 20 Sales Training Company nine different times.

Delivery Format 

All our sales training materials are tailored to your unique needs. Each lesson revolves around one of the five essential selling skills that drive measurable success AKA the factors that most significantly impact your ability to close. Various methods are used to help team learn, including:

  • Training Videos
  • Skill-Reinforcement Assignments
  • Virtual Assessments
  • …and beyond!

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that not only do your salespeople learn — they remember.



  1. The Pre-Training score of 27% in the Application of Gaining Commitment is the lowest score recorded for any industry.
  2. The Financial Services Industry’s lag created a huge jump of 190% in the critical skill of Gaining Commitment.
  3. Sales performance improvement was dramatic in this Industry based on this skill gain alone.