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Distribution Industry

Distribution Industry

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The Distribution Industry involves individuals who perform the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user, using direct means, or using indirect means with intermediaries.  Some intermediaries buy (take title) and resell, rent or lease products.  Agents, brokers or reps are intermediaries that act on behalf of the producer but do not take title to the products.

The Distribution Industry started with selling skills that were equal to the Universe.  It appeared that Distribution salespeople were receiving some level of sales skills training prior to this training initiative.  Final Knowledge and Application scores were on a par with the Universe.  For the most part, distribution mirrored the Universe.

Overall skill gain was significant at 89% (slightly higher than the Universe at 86%).  Key skills that were enhanced included Sales Call Planning, Presentation Skills and Gaining Commitment.  Many of the salespeople in Distribution see themselves as “pure salespeople” and some resistance was evident when pre-sales training scores were lower than the salesperson expected.  However, the increases in sales performance improvement from the elevation in selling skills was greatly appreciated because salespeople in Distribution are heavily compensated for improving sales and margins.

Distribution salespeople responded very well to the training and achieved certification levels in all of the critical selling skills.  Their ability to apply the skills was off the charts improved from 43% to 81%.  Every skill showed significant gains.  This is an industry filled with salespeople eager to make money.

Since the critical selling skills work together (each skill enhances the other), developing all of them simultaneously provides the salesperson with a systemic approach to sales situations.  Continual sales performance improvement happens while long-term sales relationships are enhanced.   The Distribution Industry is a clear example of the need to develop ALL of the 5 Critical Selling skills.

Sales Training Report Includes: Distributors, Supply-Chain, Wholesales, Agents, Brokers, Resellers, Multi-channel, Retail, Trucking, etc.



  1. Both Knowledge and Application showed very similar gains to the Universe in the skill of Asking for Commitment.
  2. With 112% improvement in Distribution salespeople’s ability to Ask for Commitment showed the significant deficiency is correctable with training.
  3. Sales performance improvement and training ROI was dramatic in the Distribution Industry based on the sizable improvement in Gaining Commitment skills.
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